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Sorride M5s che ora cercherà di monetizzare per le europee del 26 maggio, mentre resta a mani vuote la Lega che perde la doppia sfida, seppure di misura, con i suoi candidati e non riesce a fare lo sgambetto nell’isola agli ‘alleati’ grillini. L’esito dei ballottaggi in Sicilia, dove si è votato in cinque comuni, fa segnare l’en plein dei 5stelle, che vincono in due città emblematiche, dopo avere perso Bagheria e Gela conquistate cinque anni fa: Caltanissetta, ancora stravolta dallo scandalo del cosiddetto ‘sistema Montante’, l’ex presidente di Sicindustria condannato due giorni fa a122320 USA Baby Driver Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU 14 anni di carcere e che proprio dalla città nissena aveva scalato i piani alti del potere; e Castelvetrano, la cittadina del superlatitante Matteo Messina Denaro, chiamata al voto dopo due anni di commissariamento per infiltrazioni mafiose.

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Giuseppe Sandro Mela.



«The Brexit Party has more support in the U.K. ahead of this month’s EU elections than the Conservatives and Labour combined, according to an Opinium survey for the Observer newspaper»


«The party, fronted by Nigel Farage and founded only last month, would take 34% of the vote in the May 23 election, compared with 21% for Labour and just 11% for Theresa May’s Conservatives»


«A separate poll by the same organization, asking how people would vote in the event of a general election, also makes grim reading for May’s administration»


«The Conservatives, on 22%, trail Labour in that survey by six percentage points and lead the Brexit party by just one point»


«One of the main claims made by Farage, formerly of the right-wing UK Independence Party (UKIP), is that millions of Britons would desert the two main parties for the new Brexit Party if May and Corbyn reach a consensus»

* * *

«The poll has Labour winning 27 percent of the vote, with Farage’s party on 20 percent and the Conservatives on 19 percent. However, Britain’s first-past-the-post voting system would see the Tories get 179 seats in the House of Commons, far behind Labour on 316 but way ahead of the Brexit Party on 49»

* * * * * * * *

Se queste prospezioni trovassero conferma nei risultati delle urne, cosa tutt’altro che scontata, la componente britannica in seno al nuovo europarlamento sarebbe per larga quota formata da euroscettici viscerali, con tutte le conseguenze del caso.

Da ultimo ma non certo per ultimo, questi dati formulano un giudizio realistico sull’operato di Mrs May.

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– Tories ranked in fourth place before May 23 European election

– Conservative rank-and-file plans to back Farage’s new party


The Brexit Party has more support in the U.K. ahead of this month’s EU elections than the Conservatives and Labour combined, according to an Opinium survey for the Observer newspaper.

The party, fronted by Nigel Farage and founded only last month, would take 34% of the vote in the May 23 election, compared with 21% for Labour and just 11% for Theresa May’s Conservatives. The120365 Best Abstract Coloreeeful Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU Liberal Democrats would get 12%.


The Guardian. 2019-05-12.

Opinium poll on European election voting intentions suggests surge of support for Nigel Farage’s party.


Nigel Farage’s Brexit party is on course to secure more support at the 120419 Fashion Design Beautytyle Girl Vintagealo Makeup WALL PRINT POSTER CA than the Tories and Labour combined, according to the latest Opinium poll for the Observer.

100% LINO biancheria da letto set cm natura ungefärbt STONEWASHED NUOVO 40x80 155x220 nvnfqw1540-arredamento e bricolage

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Giuseppe Sandro Mela.


unione europea 001

L’Unione Europea ha un intricato dedalo di commissione, sottocommissioni, gruppi, gruppetti e gruppuscoli, centri di consulenza da lasciare stupefatti della fantasia dispiegata.

Se il numero dei burocrati120572 Newyork Vintage Retro Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU in senso stretto, legalmente parlando, è esuberante ma non stupefacente, la tela di ragno del sottogoverno supera ampiamente per dimensioni e costi quella del governo degli Stati Uniti e della Cina messe assieme.

Una persona ingenua si domanderebbe che cosa facciano.

La risposta non appartiene al politicamente corretto: prendono un compenso stroboscopico. Poi, a tempo perso, concorrono alla formulazione delle delibere dell’europarlamento. Sono uno dei più potenti centri di potere mai visti al mondo.12258 Sunset Clouds Around The Pier Art Large Wall Print POSTER CA

Gli Elettori europei vivono pacifici e beati, e per lo più ignorano la presenza dei ‘Permanent Representatives’, che formano il ‘Committee of Permanent Representatives’, alias Coreper.

Ma nessuno si scoraggi: ci sono altri 249 comitati al lavoro.

«COREPER, from French Comité des représentants permanents, is the Committee of Permanent Representatives in the European Union, made up of the head or deputy head of mission from the EU member states in Brussels.

Its defined role is to prepare the agenda for the ministerial Council of the European Union meetings; it may also take some procedural decisions. It oversees and coordinates12069 Star Wars 7 The Force Awakens Movie Art Wall Print POSTER CA the work of some 250 committees and working parties made up of civil servants from the member states who work on issues at the technical level to be discussed later by COREPER and the Council. It is chaired by the Presidency of the Council of the European Union.

There are in fact two committees:

    COREPER I consists of deputy heads of mission and deals largely with social and economic issues;

    COREPER II consists of heads of mission (Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary) and deals12286 Pegatina Parosso TIEMPOS,MOMENTOS,Erinnerungen dicho VIDA Familia largely with political, financial and foreign policy issues.

Representatives of the Council Secretariat from the relevant Directorates and from the Legal Directorate are also present.

The deliberations and decisions of the Council itself under the co-decision procedure are, unlike all other Council meetings, including COREPER and Council working group meetings, public.

Article 240 of the Treaty on the functioning of the European Union lays down the legal basis of COREPER.» [120812 Makeupalon beauty donna Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU]

Tutte le votazioni sono il risultato di un lungo lavorio di accordi raggiunti nelle conventicole formale ed informali.

Sono queste il vero luogo decisionale.120924 Watercolour Elephant Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU

Eppure, quasi per ironia del destino, sono davvero ben poche le persone che seguono quanto stiano facendo.


Finland and Ireland are punching above their weight when it comes to exerting influence in the EU, according to a study by 12107 Game Of Thrones Season 5 TV Series Art Wall Print POSTER CA published on Friday (3 May).

The think-tank ranked member states’ permanent representations in Brussels according to their size, how many of their diplomats are sent from the national administrations and how long these diplomats stay in Brussels building networks and gaining expertise.

The permanent representations are EU embassies of member states – headed by EU ambassadors, or “permanent representatives” – which have dozens of expert diplomats working in different areas from agricultural policy, to digital issues, and negotiating the EU budget.

The diplomats are sent to Brussels by the national administrations, usually for four years.

They basically replicate the national government bureaucracy at EU level and possess a deep understanding of European affairs and politics. Locally hired staff, also looked at by the study, often do administrative work at the representations.

The analysis found that countries such as Ireland and Finland “appear overall in a better position to fight for their national interest than countries like Denmark or Latvia”.

Ireland and Finland perform relatively well on all three parameters set out by the analysis: number of expert national staff, the12308 Outer Space Nasa Universe Galaxy Art Star Planet Wall Print POSTER CA duration of their assignment, and overall number of staff relative to their country size in population.

Six countries have larger “perm-reps” than might be expected from their population size: Austria, Belgium, Finland, Ireland, Lithuania, and Luxembourg.

Lithuania also outweighs itself: it is the fourth-smallest country among the 26 countries scrutinised by the study, but it has the 16th biggest perm-rep. Belgium is the EU’s ninth-most populous country, but has the third-biggest representation and the added advantage of hosting most of the EU institutions in Brussels.

Nine countries have a smaller representation than their population rank suggested: Denmark, Hungary, Italy, Latvia, Poland, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, and the UK.

Denmark, which opted out of several common EU policies, such as the euro, defence policy and justice and home affairs121157 Paradise Beach Ocean biancaand definition Decor WALL PRINT POSTER AU issues, is the 16th biggest country among the EU26, but has the 22nd biggest representation.

Portugal is the EU26’s 11th biggest country and has the 17th largest representation in Brussels.

There was no data available for researchers on Malta and Greece.

Clun mentality12342 Game Of Thrones Season 5 TV Series Art Daenerys Emilia Clarke POSTER AU

Smaller member states have the same rights and obligations as larger member states – one of the core foundations of the European club.

One of the key aspects of EU policy-making is to push for consensus and to prevent bullying of smaller member states into positions contrary to their interests, but size does matter in the EU.

As the study points out, the largest countries pay most into the EU budget, send the most MEPs into the European Parliament, and enjoy representation in key global forums, such as the UN Security Council or G20 and G7 formations.

Germany and France, the two EU states with the largest populations, also have the largest permanent representations in Brussels, with, respectively, 200 and 190 staff.

The two smallest representations belong to Latvia and Slovenia, which have populations of about 2m each and, respectively, 69 and 70 staff.

“While a small member state can do nothing about its geography, it can do something about its representation. It is up to each member state whether to be big in the Brussels machinery,” researchers stated in the study.

According to the report, there was no clear relationship between a country’s wealth and the size of its Brussels presentation – two of the EU’s richest member states, Luxembourg and Denmark, were in the lower end of representation sizes.